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‘F**k, sorry boys!’ Jack Miller ‘crashed on the way into pitlane’

 It wasn’t shown on the live footage, but Jack Miller revealed he suffered a bizarre fall from his Red Bull KTM after the finish of Saturday’s …  

The Mandalika track is notoriously slippery offline and the Australian, who took the chequered flag in ninth, lost control while cruising back to the pit lane.

“I crashed on the way into pit lane!” Miller said. “I was cruising along. I had my hand on the fuel tank resting.

“I pressed the pit limiter. I saw 70 km/h. So I grabbed the brakes a bit to slow down, but they were obviously cold and I guess I’d been offline during the [slowdown] lap.

“As soon as the brakes were hot. Whack! I was on my face.”

He added: “Not ideal! I stood up and guys were coming past me. I was like, ‘f**k, sorry boys’.

“But it was not a bad day overall, and it leaves us hopeful for tomorrow. I’m excited to see what we can do.”


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