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¿No habrá Pensión en Enero? | Fedelobo


Will there be no Pension in January? | Fedelobo


Retirees and pensioners: no bonus for now in January 2024, specialists analyze the future of older adults

The government plans to give increases by decree, as confirmed today by presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni, but lawyers specializing in the area explain that there are still not many details about what is coming.

Manuel Adorni, spokesperson for the presidency of the Nation, assured this Tuesday, December 26, that the increases for retirees will be given by decree “pending a new mechanism” that replaces the Retirement Mobility Law. However, the spokesperson did not specify whether there will be a bonus or reinforcement before the end of the year or in January. What some lawyers specializing in the pension area anticipated to PERFIL is that said bonus is not seen in the ANSES salary settlements for the payments of the first month of 2024 that have already been processed.

“Those salaries are going to be recomposed through decrees” and he pointed out that “the retirement law was going to imply a loss of purchasing power of around 40% in salaries, and we could not allow it. The retiree had been losing against the inflation of very forceful way. They are going to undergo a recomposition. We are finishing defining it,” Adorni assured at the usual press conference.

Manuel Adorni: “The organizations that participated in the march must pay $60 million for the police operation”

With just one week left until 2023 closes, retirees and pensioners follow with great uncertainty the official statements about what may come in the near future for their income. All definitions, until now, were very brief and lacking clarity.

The previous government used a quarterly update of assets to which it added bonuses so that the beneficiaries of the minimum income would not be left so far behind. The last one they received was in the month of December and for $55,000, which added to the 105 thousand pesos of the minimum income placed them at an income of $160 thousand. However, January 2024 is already around the corner and there are no certainties about what they will charge.

The view of specialists in pension mobility issues on the increases
For some lawyers specializing in pension issues consulted by PERFIL, the situation of older adults is “distressing.” It is worth remembering that the vast majority of a universe of 5.5 million retirees earn the minimum salary that barely reaches 105,000 pesos. And for now, it seems that what is clear is that there would be no more bonuses in January.

Lawyer Florencia Markarian reminded PERFIL that, despite the announcement by Economy Minister Luis Caputo regarding compensation for the months of January and February 2024, “according to the January settlements that have emerged from the provisional body in this regard, they do not appear “No bonus or compensation for the moment. In this scenario, retirees and pensioners would be receiving a minimum salary of 105,713 pesos,” the lawyer specializing in retirement issues told PERFIL.

Eugenio Semino: “With $160,000, retirees cannot live a week”

In the same vein, he added that the Government “also announced that the mobility law would be repealed to modify it with an improving formula that prevents retirees from continuing to lose between 25 and 40% of their purchasing power, as would happen with the formula that currently governs”, and in that sense he recalled that, “as long as this mobility formula is discussed, the increases would be given by decree.”

Dr. Andrea Falcone commented something similar on channel A24 when confirming: “Today I was able to see the monthly salary settlements for January. Retirees and minimum pensioners should have the $55,000 bonus included there if it continued, but that bonus is not there,” he said.

For the specialist in retirement mobility issues, announcing any measure next week is already “late.” “Next week is too late. We should be able to announce it to our retirees today,” she said, and assured that the situation is one of “distress” among the beneficiaries of the minimum who barely exceed 100 thousand pesos in monthly income.

Older adults pay dearly for the adjustment
For his part, for lawyer Ariel Samana, from the Samana & Asociados firm, he showed with some calculations how the adjustment has a strong impact on retirees.

“As of December 10, 2023, the official minimum income in dollars was U$284 (not counting the $55,000 bonus), and the maximum income from national retirements was U$1914.53. With the beginning of 2024, the minimum pension income will be around US$128; and the maximum retirement income that can be aspired to in Argentina is only US$862.75,” he explained.

Retirees: uncertainty about the future of older adults

Regarding the average purchasing power in relation to the basic pension basket, Samana assured that it decreased by an average of 30% – estimated on the average increase in basic products and home services, without taking into account particular situations such as the increase in the average value of rents. .

“In the middle a promise appears, like the rain of dollars in the second semester, and surely they will even say again that ‘we have to get through the winter’; however, the concrete thing is that the average passive class receives the impact in price of goods and services -not to mention that there are essential issues such as medication, treatments, basic foods for life-; and it does not usually have the capacity to generate alternative income, like other sectors,” Samana explained.

Regarding the mega DNU 70/2023 that Javier Milei presented a few days ago, the lawyer acknowledged that it does not address anything in relation to the issue of retirees.

“In its extensive articles of repeals and modifications of the most diverse public order regulations, it mentions nothing regarding the pension regime, nor a modification in the pension mobility system, whose norm after a one-year lethargy of abolition by the previous government, issued a new one at the end of 2020 made for a country without inflation, which greatly harmed older adults.”

The Caputo plan: raises for retirees by decree, reverse with Profits and increases in rates and fuels

Regarding the need for a recomposition of assets, Samana argued that “the pension delay deserves a recomposition adjusted to reality, and not as a gift.”

In that order, the expert argued that, while the INDEC food basket as of November increased by 175.4%, the total basic basket by 156%, and inflation by a cumulative 148%; The increase in common pensions was only 82.12% throughout 2023.

A poorly organized system
The so-called Argentine Integrated Pension System (SIPA) is conceived as a general regime.

However, as IDESA explained in a recent study, special regimes operate within it with superior benefits and differential regimes with a lower retirement age.

In parallel to the SIPA, and with little coordination, they operate

13 provincial banks,
29 municipal savings banks,
82 boxes of professionals,
2 public bank savings banks and
complementary boxes.
“In general, the funds that do not belong to the SIPA have more beneficial rules and, within them, there are also special regimes. The sum results in nearly 240 regimes that pay about 10 million retirements and pensions,” the report estimates.

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