ASAP CANOPY is a company that specializes in custom tents, canopies, and promotional event structures.

10x10ft Inflatable Tent Custom Printing & Optional Walls

ASAP Canopy offers an extensive array of Inflatable Canopy Packages, catering to diverse customer needs and application scenarios. With versatile configurations such as Standard Inflatable Canopies with 1-4 walls, packages accompanied by flags, tablecloths, or inflatable furniture, customers can find the perfect 10x10FT Inflatable canopy tent kit to effectively showcase and promote their brand. This plethora of options empowers customers to select the package that seamlessly aligns with their specific requirements, be it for outdoor events, trade shows, or other promotional activities. This level of customization and versatility presents a significant advantage, ensuring that each customer can curate a unique and tailored setup that effectively captures the essence of their brand, leaving a lasting impression. ASAP Canopy deserves commendation for recognizing and addressing the diverse needs of its customers by offering a comprehensive range of Inflatable Canopy Packages.

Elevate Your Brand's Impact with ASAP's Innovative 10x10 Inflatable Tent

In the dynamic landscape of outdoor events and marketing, where capturing attention is paramount, ASAP's 10x10 Inflatable Tent emerges as a game-changing solution. This cutting-edge product not only provides a versatile and portable shelter but also serves as a powerful branding canvas, allowing you to transform your tent into a captivating and immersive brand experience.

Full-Color Printing: A Vibrant Showcase for Your Brand

Imagine your logo, vibrant graphics, and compelling messaging adorning the expansive surfaces of this inflatable tent, commanding attention from every angle. With ASAP's full-color printing capabilities, your brand's identity comes to life in vivid detail, creating a visually stunning display that leaves a lasting impression on your target audience.

Customizable Wall Options: Crafting an Immersive Experience

ASAP's 10x10 Inflatable Tent offers unparalleled customization options, allowing you to personalize from one to all four walls with your unique branding elements. This level of personalization enables you to create an immersive brand experience that envelops attendees in your unique identity, fostering meaningful connections and conversations that could shape the trajectory of your business.

Portable Convenience and Easy Setup

Designed with portability and convenience in mind, this inflatable tent is highly compact and lightweight, making it an ideal choice for events of all scales, from intimate gatherings to large-scale exhibitions. Its effortless setup process ensures that you can quickly and efficiently transform any outdoor space into a branded oasis, maximizing your impact and minimizing logistical challenges.

Complementary Accessories: Extending Your Brand's Reach

ASAP takes branding to the next level by offering a range of complementary accessories that seamlessly integrate with your inflatable tent. From air chairs and tables to eye-catching flags, you can curate a cohesive and welcoming environment that extends your brand's essence beyond the confines of the tent itself, creating a truly immersive and engaging experience for your audience.

Unleash Your Brand's Potential at Every Event

Trade Shows: A Beacon Amidst the Competition

Imagine the impact of ASAP's 10x10 Inflatable Tent at a bustling trade show, where it stands as a beacon amidst a sea of competitors, drawing attendees like moths to a flame. With its vibrant branding and captivating visuals, your exhibit becomes an irresistible focal point, fostering meaningful connections and conversations that could propel your business to new heights.

Outdoor Festivals: A Captivating Brand Presence

Envision this inflatable tent as the centerpiece of an outdoor festival, where its vibrant presence captivates and engages passersby. With its eye-catching design and welcoming atmosphere, your branded oasis becomes a gathering place for potential customers, fostering brand awareness and loyalty in a relaxed and memorable setting.

Community Events: Connecting with Your Local Audience

Whether you're participating in a local fair, a charity event, or a neighborhood celebration, ASAP's 10x10 Inflatable Tent allows you to make a lasting impression on your community. By showcasing your brand in a visually striking and engaging manner, you can strengthen your local presence, build relationships, and cultivate a loyal following that appreciates your commitment to their community.

Elevate Your Visual Merchandising Strategy

This 10x10 Inflatable Tent is more than just a shelter; it is a powerful branding tool that elevates your visual merchandising efforts to new heights. With its unparalleled customization options, portable design, and seamless integration of complementary accessories, ASAP has created a solution that empowers businesses to leave an indelible mark on their audience, transcending the boundaries of traditional marketing and propelling their brand into the spotlight.

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10′ x 10′ (3m x 3m) Alpha: Weight 20 lb (9kg)  |  Height 8′ 2″ (2.5m)  |  Clearance 6′ 11″ (2.1m)  |  Frame Profile 5″ (120mm)


Frame Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)  |  Printed 600D PU Coated Polyester  |  Plain 500D PVC Coated Polyester


Frame 1 Year  |  Fabric 1 Year


Specification Sheet  |  Instruction Manual  |  ASAP 10ft x 10ft


NFPA-701  |  CPAI-84  |  California Title 19  |  500D PVC Coated Polyester  |  600D PU Coated Polyester


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If you require an event tent and want to make a striking and positive impression, then an inflatable event tent from ASAP is the expert choice. ASAP are the market leading inflatable event tent supplier and can help you create an eye-catching outdoor event space – without compromises.

We have supplied many leading brands such as Mazda, BMW, the RAF, England Cricket, Tesco, Prodrive, etc. with fully branded event tents, let us create a memorable tent to make your event space stand out from the crowd.


ASAP offers 12 different inflatable event tent designs, each with a unique shape, ensuring the perfect event tent to suit your specific needs. Each tent design is available in a range of sizes to accommodate events of any scale, with covered floor areas ranging from a compact 9 square meters all the way up to an expansive 300 square meters.

Customization is at the core of our offerings. Every tent design can be manufactured in your brand's colors and fully branded with your corporate identity and graphics. This allows you to create a truly immersive and on-brand experience that leaves a lasting impression on your guests and clients.

Inflatable tent 10x10FT - YOUR CHOICE OF COLOUR


At ASAP, our inflatable tents and structures are produced entirely from scratch in our own factory – we do not simply purchase pre-made tents. This allows us to exercise complete control over the manufacturing process and ensure the highest quality standards.

Utilizing the latest dye sublimation printing technology, we can accurately reproduce any color scheme you specify and faithfully present your branding across the tent's surfaces. This advanced printing method ensures vibrant, long-lasting colors that truly make your brand imagery pop.


Setting up your ASAP inflatable tent or structure is remarkably quick and easy. Using the supplied electric pump, you can fully inflate any size tent in under 10 minutes. Once inflated, the structure can also be easily repositioned if needed before being securely anchored to the ground, allowing flexibility in your event layout.

If mains electricity is not available at your event site, we can provide a battery-powered pump and/or a hand pump to accommodate your needs. A key advantage of ASAP's inflatables is that they do not require a continuously running and noisy fan like many other brands – ensuring a quieter, more pleasant environment.

Inflatable tent 10x10FT - RAPID SET-UP – PUMP UP & UNPLUG, THATS IT
Inflatable tent 10x10FT - SAFE IN ALL WEATHER


ASAP event tents and promotional inflatables offer a safe option for your event or exhibition stand. Unlike metal structures, they have no dangerous sharp or rigid components. Unlike many brands, no permanently running noisy fan or blower is required, ensuring a quieter environment.

With an ASAP structure, you can be safe in any conditions, as they withstand the harshest British weather. Tested for up to 100 km/h wind speeds and certified for 60 km/h, these highly flexible structures keep occupants secure during strong winds. ASAP event tents are designed to bend and twist with the wind, then return to their original shape, providing a resilient shelter.


To further expedite their already rapid setup process, ASAP inflatable products utilize a patented single point inflation system. This smart inflation technology is included in all of our inflatable tent kits, streamlining the inflation sequence for maximum efficiency. With ASAP's single point inflation system, you can have your branded inflatable tent up and ready to make an impact in record time.

Inflatable tent 10x10FT - SMART INFLATION SYSTEM
Inflatable tent 10x10FT - EASY TRANSPORTATION


For effortless transportation, the ASAP inflatable event tent is conveniently packed into a wheeled rolling bag. Our entire range of 10x10ft inflatable tent kits are designed to be easily and safely transported in the trunk of any standard vehicle.


Should your ASAP inflatable event tent sustain damage, you can rest assured that it has been thoughtfully designed for on-site self-repair. A repair kit is available for all ASAP models, and thanks to the zip-off roof and central tube connector design, most damages can be swiftly addressed by you at the event venue within just a few minutes.

For more extensive damage or if you prefer, ASAP can facilitate professional repair services at our factory. We also offer annual inspections and professional cleaning services for your inflatable event tent to ensure optimal condition. The best part? You only need to cover the shipping costs for these repair and maintenance services.

Inflatable tent 10x10FT - EASY TO REPAIR AND SERVICE
Inflatable tent 10x10FT - Dye Sublimation

9Dye Sublimation

We employ dye sublimation printing, a premium method for large-format outdoor graphics, yielding polyester materials resistant to scratches, scuffs, and fading, suitable for repeated outdoor displays.

10High Quality Fabric

600D Polyester with PU coating - an exceptionally robust, heavy-duty tarpaulin tested for water and flame resistance, effortlessly cleanable, withstanding wear and tear.

Inflatable tent 10x10FT - High Quality Fabric

Printing and Fabrics


600D PU Coated Polyester

Available for Custom Printed products


100% Polyester with PU backing

Yarn count: 600D x 600D

Weight: 245 gsm

Colorfastness to light 5-6 En


1 year warranty

Fire, UV and wind resistant


PVC Reinforced Corners

Black or White reverse fabric

Sublimation Printing

Dye sublimation printing involves the use of a digital printer to produce a print on sublimation transfer paper. The sublimation paper is then placed into a heat press with the fabric and exposed to a temperature of 392 degrees Fahrenheit. The artwork is then transferred from the paper to the fabric. The fabric has the artwork embedded in the material and the design will not scratch from the surface. The fabric has a matte finish, which photographs well and suits indoor and outdoor use.

Reverse Colors

Available on printed 600D PU Coated Polyester products

Inflatable tent 10x10FT - Reverse Colors

500D PVC Coated Polyester

Available for Plain products


100% Polyester with PVC backing

Yarn count: 500D x 500D

Weight: 280 gsm

Colorfastness to light 5-6 En


1 year warranty

Fire, UV and wind resistant


Fire, UV & Wind resistant

PVC reinforced Corners

Standard Colors

Inflatable tent 10x10FT - Reverse Colors

Frame Colors

Inflatable tent 10x10FT - Reverse Colors


We never compromise on quality, once invest life enjoy

Included with Every Inflatable air tent package

Every package with a transportation backpack,electric pump,

4 sand bags, and a set of Heavy Wind Stake Kit.

Included with Every Inflatable air tent package

What Makes Great Inflatables

What Makes Great Inflatables

Product Features

Inflatable tent 10x10FT - Custom-Printed-Canopy

Custom Printed Canopy

Completely personalize the canopy of these inflatable tents with a design that promotes your business or event.

Inflatable tent 10x10FT - Outdoor-Tested Material

Outdoor-Tested Material

The tent canopy is made from a water-resistant, scratch-proof, and flame-retardant 600D polyester fabric.

Inflatable tent 10x10FT - Fast, Easy Assembly

Fast, Easy Assembly

Because these tents are lightweight and the canopies attach with zipper closures, set up is quick and simple.

Inflatable tent 10x10FT - Optional Air Pump

Optional Air Pump

To fill your tent with air, add a manual or electric air pump to your order. Also add stakes and weights to stabilize the tent.

Inflatable tent 10x10FT - Custom-Printed-Canopy

Add Side Walls

Increase your advertising space and privacy by adding 1-4 custom or stock sidewalls to your air tent.



Inflatable tent 10x10FT - Banner


Inflatable tent 10x10FT - Connector


See what our customers saying

10×10 Custom Inflatable Dome Tent | Inflatable Tent
Owning this tent gives us confidence as we know our display stand will always impress, this inflatable tent is a huge attraction for the younger generation of viewers who are often drawn to it and in turn to us Interested in brands!
10×10 Custom Inflatable Dome Tent | Inflatable Tent
We have used this tent many times and left a memorable display at each event, which is very important for our brand and the promotion effect is remarkable. Our marketing department found that the ASAP Canopy custom inflatable tent Usage has significantly increased our brand awareness and recognition!
10×10 Custom Inflatable Dome Tent | Inflatable Tent
ASAP Canopy was very knowledgeable about the product and was able to answer all of our questions making sure we got the perfect custom tent. The communication was great and they were always happy to help and make sure our needs were met. Also, the product shipped very quickly, allowing us to prepare for the show on schedule!
Very creatively versatile, I also use this Inflatable Canopy for outdoor events and picnics, its versatility allows me to make the most of it for a variety of occasions. The customizability of the tent allowed me to personalize it for different brand events and themes, increasing its visibility!