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How Much Are Inflatable Tents?

ASAP CANOPY is most favorable price & best inflatable tent manufacturer, Inflatable Canopy Tent with brand logos widely used in event party and Commercial.

Inflatable tents open up new Commercial activities horizons

Inflatable Tent For Events Widely used in Promotional Event. One thing that distinguishes them from traditional products with poles is that their frames consist of air beams. They do not feature metal or fiberglass frames. Air camps are taking up a decent niche in the market, mostly because they are very handy and easy to set up.

Why buy Inflatable tents ?

These inflatable tents are easy to build, with inflatable beams integrated into the entire structure. An air pump is an essential accessory for tents during travel. In addition, there should be a set of nails and drawstrings to prevent it from bouncing back and forth in strong winds. Due to the fact that these products do not use poles, they are lighter than traditional roofs with metal or fiberglass frames.

There are various shapes and sizes of activity camps, many of which are large enough to accommodate groups or families of 5 or 6 people. They are packed in bags and can fit well in the car trunk without taking up too much space. Therefore, they are very suitable for commercial promotion and gathering activities, and can be used for outdoor activities. In addition, they can also save a lot of time, allowing them to start working effortlessly.

ASAP CANOPY uses sturdy materials to demonstrate durability and integrity. The frame is made of sturdy and waterproof polyurethane. On the other hand, they require special care and must be properly stored. Many users indicate that they are easier to fix. Piercing, tearing, and wear are the biggest problems of air beams. ASAP provides repair kits, including glue, patches, tape, etc. It allows you to fix the canvas or crossbeam on the spot, so it can be used throughout the entire journey. After returning home, it should be properly repaired.

Inflatable Tent

What Should Be Noted When Using An Inflatable Tent?

As mentioned above, Commercial Inflatable tents for camping are made of sturdy and durable materials. This makes them a little more expensive than those that use traditional frames.

So far, there is no standard pump for all Inflatable tent: different manufacturers come up with their own specific valve types, which require a specific type of pump. You may have difficulty finding an appropriate pump if you lose it.

Once blown up, your portable home can stand solid for several days. However, you should keep track of the temperature outside. A sudden temperature drop will cause it to deflate, while a warming can cause overinflation. In the latter case, the consequences can be serious, because overpressure can cause the inflatable frame to burst beyond repair. For this reason, it is advisable to follow weather forecasts and depressurize the frame in case of a dramatic temperature increase.

Peg it properly, so it will remain standing in case the wind blows hard. Your kit should include high-quality stakes, pegs, and guy ropes to ensure stability in any weather.

Inflatable Tent

How do I buy the right Inflatable Tents?

Now that you know the strong and weak spots of a inflatable tent, it is time to narrow your search down to best-quality products that would fit all your needs and preferences.

There is just one big “don’t”, which you must be aware of: don’t scrimp on quality! There are a great deal of brands and stores (online) that display products and set prices. Not all of them are trustworthy, so it is absolutely imperative that you think twice before striking deals.

Look for a good quality product from a tried-and-true manufacturer, which has been around for a while. Be sure to check information about the manufacturer, its products, and user feedback: most users are very specific on product’s features, as well as strong and weak points. Reading reviews from experienced consumer can help you build a clear picture of the product you are considering and make your final decision.

Waterproofing is one of the most important criteria of quality. Look for a properly insulated canopy with properly glued seams and a hydrostatic rainfly. Be sure that vents and electric hookup outlets are designed in such a way as not to let rainwater in.

10x10 Inflatable Canopy

Introducing the world’s lightest, most portable canopy, Innovation and passion for the outdoors drove us to design a canopy for a new decade, created for all of your needs.
SKU: 10x10-Inflatable-Canopy-Package-5

10x10ft Custom Inflatable Tent

SKU: 10x10-Inflatable-Canopy-Package-10

10x10ft Inflatable Tents For Sale

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10x10ft Inflatable Tent For Events

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10x10ft Inflatable Event Tents

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Inflatable Hot Tents 10x10ft

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Outdoor Inflatable Tents 10x10ft

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Automatic Inflatable Tent 10x10ft

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Air Inflatable Canopies 10x10ft

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10x10ft Commercial Canopy Tent

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10x10ft Inflatable Tent Custom

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10x10ft Inflatable Pop Up Tent

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10x10ft Unique Inflatable Tents

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10x10ft Custom Inflatable Tents

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Custom 10x10ft Inflating Tent

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10x10ft Inflatable Tent For Sale


13x13 Inflatable Canopy

Lightweight & Easy To Use, Easily carried in the included backpack tote at half the weight of traditional canopies … you can take your shelter anywhere!
SKU: 13x13-Inflatable-Canopy-Package-4

Inflatable Spider Tent 13x13ft

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13x13ft Air Inflatable Dome Tent

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13x13ft Full-Color Inflatable Tent

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13x13ft Graphics Customizable Tent

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13x13ft Inflatable Canopy Tents

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13x13ft Inflatable Tent For Event

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13x13ft Inflatable Tent Custom

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Inflatable Pop-Up Canopies 13x13ft

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13x13ft Unique Inflatable Tents

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Inflatable Outdoor Tent 13x13ft

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13x13ft Custom Inflatable Tents

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13x13ft Inflatable Tent For Sale

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Inflatable Tents 13x13ft


16x16 Inflatable Canopy

Your Personalized customized inflatable tent, With ASAP, You are the biggest highlight wherever you go. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a world of peace.
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Inflatable Air Canopies 16x16ft

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16x16ft Air Inflatable Tents

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16x16ft Inflatable Tent Use In Event

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16x16ft Inflatable Tent For Beach Use

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16x16ft Inflatable Tent For Event

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16x16ft Inflatable Tent Custom

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16x16ft Inflatable Event Tents

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16x16ft Unique Inflatable Tents

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16x16ft Custom Inflatable Tents

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16×16 Air Frame Tent Custom

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16ft Custom Printed Inflatable Tent

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16x16ft Inflatable Tent For Sale

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16x16ft Inflatable Tent Full Bleed

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16x16ft Custom Inflatable Event Tent

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16x16ft Inflate Tent Ultraportable

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16x16ft Custom Tents Branding

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16x16ft Inflatable Tents For Sale

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16x16ft Inflatable Spider Tent

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16x16ft Inflatable Tent For Events

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16x16ft Inflatable Event Tents Custom


20x20 Inflatable Canopy

Sun, Wind, or Rain? No Problem! The Inflatable canopy blocks 98% of the sun’s rays (UVA + UVB), is water resistant and designed to stay put even on windy days. Included stakes & tethers keep it grounded when the wind really picks up.