ASAP CANOPY is a company that specializes in custom tents, canopies, and promotional event structures.

10x15 Canopy Tent

ASAP CANOPY designs a variety of packages based on different application scenarios and provides them to customers with different needs, so that each customer can find a suitable 10x15 custom canopy tent to promote their brand.

Premium Quality. Design Online. Dye Sublimation Printing.Free Shipping.Fast Turnaround .Rush Options.No Hidden Fees

Available Frames

Aluminum brackets throughout
huge 1.5 hex legs

Huge 1.5" hex legs for amazing strength and stability

5 height position adjustments

5 height position adjustments

huge reinforced cross bracing truss bars

Huge reinforced cross bracing truss bars

smooth and safe pull pin sliders

Smooth and safe pull pin sliders

Aluminum brackets throughout

Market Lifetime Warranty

Our Heavy Duty Frame Made Out Of Anodized 40mm Aluminum. Framing Is Typically The Best Choice. This Heavy-Duty Material Does Not Rust Nor Does It Scratch Easily. Anodized Aluminum Frames Last Longer Than Any Other Frames.

AVAILABLE COLOR: Silvery.Black.White.

SIZE:5' X5 ,6.5' X6.5,10'X15',10'X 20'


Custom Printing

Custom Printing

Print Position

Print Position
Print Position

Printing technology

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing, also referred to as dye sublimation printing, utilizes a digital printer to create prints on sublimation transfer paper. This paper is then inserted into a heat press alongside the designated fabric and subjected to a temperature of 392 degrees Fahrenheit. Through this process, the artwork from the paper is seamlessly transferred onto the fabric.

Crafted from 600D PU Coated Polyester, Fabric Weight 245GSM, Edges Sewn with Fabric Binding, Matte Print Finish.

LED-UV Printing

LED-UV Printing

Utilizing UV printing technology, LED-UV printing employs ultraviolet lights to rapidly dry or cure ink during the printing process. As the printer deposits ink onto the fabric's surface, specialized UV lights trail closely behind, instantly curing or drying the ink.

Crafted from 900D PU Coated Polyester, Featuring UV light printing, Edges Sewn with Fabric Binding, Protected by a Clear Sealant, Semi-Gloss Print Finish.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing

In large format digital printing, images are directly printed onto PVC tent material from digital files. After the printing process, a hot lacquer is applied to the printed surface to seal it and prevent scratches.

Constructed from 580gsm PVC material, Utilizing large format digital printing technology, Seams welded using heat, Application of hot lacquer for added protection, Glossy print finish.

Compare Fabrics

600D PU Coated Polyester

500D PVC Coated

600D PU Coated Polyester

500D PVC Coated Polyester

Available for Plain products


100% Polyester with PVC backing

Yarn count:500D x 500D

Weight: 280 gsm

Colourfastness to light 5-6 En


1 year warranty


Fire, UV & Wind resistant

PVC reinforced Corners


Most products from the same industry are made of 500D ordinary fabrics, which are not durable!


600D PU Coated Polyester


Available for Plain and Custom Printed products

Not suitable for ASAP series canopy tent.


100% PVC

Weight: 580 gsm

Colourfastness to light: 5-6 En standard


1 year warranty printed

1 year warranty plain


Fire, UV & Wind resistant

Hot lacquer welded seams

"580 GSM" refers to the weight of the fabric, measured in grams per square meter (GSM). It indicates the density and thickness of the fabric. In this case, the fabric weighs 580 grams per square meter.

"PVC Coated" indicates that the fabric has been coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), providing properties such as water resistance, durability, and UV protection. PVC coating makes the fabric waterproof and suitable for outdoor applications.

Customized products, please consult customer service for prices

10x20 attract more of your customers by choosing a quality tent scaled

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10/15 - A gem of a company A real gem! Ordered a custom printed 10x15 canopy and frame. The team at ASAP provided excellent customer service, the best price I could find, and insanely fast shipping. I wish there were more companies online that operated at this level. Thanks for making me look like a marketing hero !
I have owned a number of tents before and this one is by far the best. It is very sturdy, easy to put up with two people , and the sturdy high peak allowed the rain to flow right off. We had our party on a beautiful day and I left it up all week. During the week it rained and we had fairly high winds and the tent came out fine with the weight bags holding it down. Truly excellent and can’t wait to use it again and again.
Custom printing on this tent. I uploaded my favorite designs and patterns, and I didn't expect the actual results to be so amazing! The colors are vibrant and the patterns are clear, it's almost as if it was custom made just for me. In outdoor activities, this tent full of personality became the focus and attracted the attention of many people, so I became the "most eye-catching" one. Whether it is a commercial promotion or a personal event, ASAP Canopy's customized effects have added a lot of points to me
While looking for a tent of excellence, I stumbled upon the ASAP Canopy 5x5 Custom Printed Tent and I was immediately drawn to it. From materials to craftsmanship, every detail shows the manufacturer's intentions. The tent was quick and easy to set up, while also being very sturdy, giving me peace of mind during outdoor activities. Moreover, you can customize the printing according to your own needs, which is highly recommended!
Perfect for our food stand love the hight of the roof for the kitchen section,very nice
excellent customer service Got a quote from ASAP Canopy which was out of my budget and he worked with me to get what I wanted to fit my budget. Looking forward to receiving my custom canopy tent
Great and timely service from ASAP Canopy. was very helpful, quick to respond, and made my experience painless. I tried a couple other companies beforehand, and they were not satisfactory. The canvases look amazing, exactly what I envisioned. And the price was as advertised! I haven’t put them on the cage yet, but so far I’m extremely pleased with my purchase. Thanks again!
Great pop up tent for exterior needs of movies or any event, wedding, party etc. Super easy to assemble, it can be fully installed in a few minutes, it is a very satisfying shopping experience
good quality A friend who organized an event told me to buy this brand of tents, and told me that the cheap ones are not worth it because they never last (aka frame breakage, etc.). I'm glad I took her advice. It was perfect for our event, and proved to be able to withstand wind and heavy rainfall (yes, it's waterproof). I hope this tent will last for many years. I highly recommend it!

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ASAP Canopy: America's Premier Custom Canopies

10x15 Canopy Custom Printed: Powerful Visual Storytelling

Choosing the ideal outdoor branding medium holds power. ASAP Canopy's 10ft x 15ft custom printed canopies exemplify this. Crafted carefully and sold nationally, these superior canopies do more than shelter. They are high-impact visual storytelling favorites of businesses, event organizers and individuals seeking lasting impressions.

With a 10ft x 15ft footprint, these portable canopies accommodate larger gatherings and displays easily. Whether showcasing at a packed trade fair, community event or sports match, this canopy marks your presence as an eye-catching beacon.

The key to success lies in ASAP Canopy’s unrivaled custom printing service. State-of-the-art full color printing technology empowers your canopy into a vibrant, visually stunning brand display. Logos, designs and messages reproduce in excellent detail and color fastness, ensuring your brand shines through sun or rain.

At a bustling outdoor event, a custom printed canopy proves an indispensable branding asset. More than basic shelter, it broadcasts your brand widely as high-impact communication. Your canopy emerges as an instant landmark, drawing attention and setting you apart from competitors.

Beyond initial appeal, a pop up canopy also greatly increases brand recognition. As a regular prominent display at various events, it reinforces brand identity by building familiarity and stronger audience bonds. This branding consistency leaves enduring impressions beyond events.

Additionally, your canopy serves as an engaging social media backdrop for potential viral exposure. Unique canopy tent photos shared and circulated online can stretch your reach far beyond events, generating buzz and visibility.

By investing in ASAP Canopy’s 10x15 canopy custom printed packages, you secure superb outdoor shelter and a powerful mobile advertising platform, strengthening branding, widening visibility and making connections. Make your mark with ASAP Canopy

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