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Canopy Side Skirt – Canopy Half Walls And Rail Skirts

  • A canopy side skirt is the perfect finishing touch to elevate the overall appearance of your outdoor canopy setup. This decorative panel hangs from the canopy frame, adding a polished and professional look to your display while also providing additional branding opportunities.
  • At ASAP Canopy, we offer a variety of canopy side skirt options to suit your specific needs. From solid-colored skirts that complement your brand’s color scheme to printed skirts that showcase your logo and messaging, we have options to enhance the visual impact of your setup.
  • Our canopy side skirts are crafted from durable, weather-resistant materials, ensuring they can withstand the elements and maintain their vibrant appearance throughout your event or activation. Additionally, our skirts are designed to be easily installed and removed, allowing for quick setup and teardown.
  • Customization is key when it comes to canopy side skirts, and at ASAP Canopy, we offer a range of options to suit your branding needs. Whether you opt for full-color printed skirts or choose blank skirts as a blank canvas for your creativity, we have options to help you create a cohesive and visually striking display.
  • Our state-of-the-art dye-sublimation printing technology ensures that your printed canopy side skirts will display your branding with unparalleled vibrancy and detail, making a lasting impression on your audience. Additionally, our skirts are designed to be fade-resistant, ensuring your branding remains vibrant and eye-catching, even after prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Canopy side skirts are the perfect way to add a touch of professionalism and branding to your outdoor canopy setup, ensuring your display stands out from the crowd and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.
  • The ASAP Canopy Half Walls and Rail Skirts come in multiple sizes and colors and are fully customizable. They the perfect accessory to your pop up canopy.

Pop Up Canopy Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is your tent frame height adjustable?

  • Yes! By extending the telescopic legs and locking them into place, the height is Adjustable from 7.2 ft to 11.5 ft.

2) Is the pop-up canopy tent graphic weather and fireproof?

  • Your custom pop-up tent frame was made of commercial-grade aluminum which is weather and fireproof. The custom graphics are made of durable outdoor oxford fabric which is UV / Water Proof, Flame Retardant.

3) What is the expected life expectancy of your custom canopy tents?

  • With proper care and maintenance, the expected life expectancy of custom tents is around 3-5 years. Most of our clients replace the custom graphics on the tent due to wear and tear or changing branding images.

4) Is custom pop up tent easy to transport?

  • Generally yes, as the frame is retractable. But please pay attention that due to the size of the pop-up tent and the thick printing material of the tent graphic, the packaging is still relatively bulky and heavy. (60 inches long, 55 Ibs average for a 10ft custom canopy tent with graphic). We have an optional rolling bag to make transportation and storage easy.

5) How can I prevent my assembled tent from blowing over in strong winds?

  • If you intend to use your tent during windy weather, please make sure to use the rope and ground nails kit that come free with every ASAP CANOPY custom tent and banner set order. This will secure the 4 corners to the ground and prevent the tent banner from flapping or toppling over in the wind. Also, you can consider buying extra sandbags for your tent banner, a set of 4 can add 70-80Ibs extra weight to your custom tent, or our new set of 2 canopy tent weights that add around 16lbs of weight per leg.

6) How are graphics for canopy tents fabricated?

  • Creating custom canopy tops for a tent all starts from a blank white roll of fabric, which is heavy-duty and weather-proof. For example, ASAP CANOPY uses the thickest material 600D oxford cloth on the market for durability. Then the designed graphic will be printed out on the tent graphic and cut into pieces according to the templates. Skilled workers then sew all the pieces into the top, the walls, etc. One thing that needs to be mentioned is all the finishings are important for the quality of your custom canopy like reinforced strips running across the top, and Velcro fasteners keeping walls secured.

7) How to customize a pop-up tent canopy?

  • The good news is you have unlimited options to customize the canopy graphic for your tent any way you want! The custom design for your tent can go all over the canopy, and you can thoughtfully choose walls, side panels, doors, windows, connectors, and even sanitizer holders to fulfill any functions. Please feel free to talk to our specialists now to find out more.
    We know that the design of your graphics is an important (and can be a difficult) component of your order. If you need help with graphic design for your tent banner, we can assist you so that you can keep your attention on getting results for your business.
    Don't worry if you don't have an idea for your canopy's design; we'll create one and send you a proof for free after you've paid for your order.
  • When sending a file for printing, it's best to use a Vector format like PDF, EPS, Adobe Illustrator (AI), or Photoshop (PSD). There are no hidden fees for design revisions, so feel free to experiment! Each custom tent banner order undergoes a review by our designers.

8) What types of walls do you offer on the Custom Canopy Tents?

  • You can add to pop-up tent canopies with either half walls or full walls. You can choose single-sided or double-sided printing in an unlimited range of colors. Many businesses like to have a single wall at the back of their display that shows off their brand logo or key information. While some prefer to interact with their customers in peace and privacy by enclosing their canopy tent with walls and a zipper door.

9) How do I keep my canopy tent graphics looking fresh?

  • It takes almost no time at all to clean and maintain our canopy tents banners. To look after your tent banner and keep it looking fresh for your next display, remove it from the frame after use, and place it back into the premium carry bag. That way, it can stay clean and protected until your next event. The material we use is specially treated to prevent wrinkles, so it can simply be unfolded and put to use. When dust accumulates on the canopy, wipe it down with a damp cloth.
    If you notice stains on your tent banner, spot-clean these with a moist cloth and gentle soap. We strongly recommend that you take the custom tent canopy off the frame before cleaning. Keep the tent graphic and frame in a cool, dry area for storage.With proper care, your ASAP CANOPY  products will last many years.

10) Do I need a custom design for my tent? Why?

  • A pop-up tent imprinted with your company's brand is absolutely essential if you want to make a good impression during a trade show. If you want to entice customers into your stall, your display needs to stand out from the crowd of others with similar themes. Creative, custom artwork that accurately represents your company or product can be created by our in-house designers.

11)What happens after I submit my order?

  • One of our sales representatives will review all information you submit. You will receive a phone call or email to discuss your specific needs. We want the products we sell to be exactly what you need, so communication is very important.If you have a complete set, upload it to our website and have our design team create free view model renderings to customize the look of your piece.If everything looks good and you approve the mockup, we'll immediately start working on your  event hardware and signage entirely. Once everything is approved by you, we can produce your custom order in an average of 3 working days.

12)Design Your Canopy: 3 Easy Methods

  • Choose one of the three methods listed below. All design submissions are checked by our pre-press team for any errors or issues. We will email you a final design proof for your approval before we begin producing your Pop Up Canopy Tent.
  • Design Online: Create your design online, in real time, using our online design tool. This tool allows you to upload artwork and logo files directly from your computer and makes it easy to insert clip art, background designs, text fonts, and more.
  • Upload Artwork: To design your canopy using this method you must download your specific artwork template, add your artwork using design software, and reupload the completed template to our website, before or after placing your order.
  • Free Design Service: We can help fix your current artwork or work with you to build a design from scratch, for free! Just send our team your current artwork files or some design instructions and we will work with you until the design is completed and applied to your all over print Pop Up Canopy.