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  • Shop beautifully printed Custom Flags in 4 different shapes- Blade, feather, rectangle, and teardrop. Also, a full range of pre-printed Country flags and Feather Flags for Auction, Rent, Grand Opening, Car-wash Service, etc. are available. Premium Flag Fabric, Dye Sublimation Printing, and Single/Double-sided Graphic with Eye-Catching Visuals are some of the features that make our flags one of the top-rated products by our customers. Also, Our rectangle flags can be used for anything, but they are most frequently used to advertise new properties. Order your flag now with or w/o hardware to suit your budget and needs.

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Promote Your Brand with High-Visibility and Versatile Custom Flags

  • Custom Flags Provide Premium Display Are you seeking a traditional yet highly effective advertising solution? Our custom flags allow you to strategically showcase your offerings with minimal effort. Their high-resolution graphics exude a professional appeal that resonates with businesses. With state-of-the-art printing, we generate vibrant, full-color illustrations and images that leave a lasting impression. The synthetic material facilitates smooth color variations, making these flags functional and aesthetically pleasing additions to your establishment. We offer customization options, from size selection to Pantone color matching to choosing single or double-sided printing. You can leverage our professional design team, utilize available templates to save time, or upload your artwork to feature logos, marketing messages, and personalized details.
  • Show Your National Pride with Country Flags Country flags symbolize national pride, representing the culture, history, and values of a nation. They distinguish one country from another and express solidarity. We provide country flags in various sizes, allowing you to showcase your patriotism at any event.
  • Easy-to-Install, Long-Lasting Pre-printed Flags Our flags come with grommets, pole pockets, or clips for quick and secure installation. Lightweight and portable, they facilitate easy handling and storage. The easy-to-install hardware enables swift assembly and stable positioning in high-traffic areas. These pre-printed flags boast a sturdy construction that withstands wear and tear over time. Their high graphic weight enhances tear resistance, reducing the need for frequent replacements. We include corrosion-free hardware that tolerates various elements, making the flags suitable for outdoor applications. UV ink printing technology ensures fade-resistant flags with extended shelf lives.
  • Cost-Effective Bulk Purchasing for Residential and Commercial Use The fabrics used in our advertising flags allow for hand and machine washing, ensuring simple maintenance. The tough knitted fabric can withstand multiple wash cycles and mild laundry agents, enabling reuse. In some cases, a wipe-down is sufficient to keep the flags clean and appealing. We offer discounts on high-volume orders to help your establishment save costs. All purchases, from two to over 500 flags, attract discounts to accommodate different business sizes and operational scales.

Flags FAQs:

1. What are the differences between single-sided and double-sided custom flags?

Ans: When seen from the rear, an image on a single-sided custom flag will seem reversed or mirrored. This is due to some ink bleeding through the fabric. On the other hand, a double-sided custom flag has two pieces of fabric stitched together with a block-out layer in between so the image may be printed on both sides without bleeding through. This makes it excellent for proudly flying and displaying from both sides because the image will appear appropriately on both sides.

2. What kind of fabric and material do you use?

Ans: For personalized flags, knitted polyester fabric is a popular option because it is strong, lightweight, and can be printed with vivid colors.

3. Is the custom flag good for my home decoration?

Ans: Yes, custom flags can be used for a variety of purposes, including promotion and decoration.

4. Can I wash my custom flag?

Ans: Yes, our custom flags are washable. To maintain the longevity of the flag, it's crucial to adhere to our offered care instructions. Using bleach or other harsh chemicals should be avoided since they can harm the fabric or the printed design. Also, it is advised to avoid using a dryer, as the heat can cause the cloth to shrink or the design to fade, and instead to hang the flag to dry.

5. What is the lifespan of a custom flag?

Ans: Most of our flags are made of polyester fabric, which means they can last for several years with the right care and maintenance.

6. How do I best take care of my flag?

Ans: When your flag is not in use, we advise you to fold it and store it at room temperature. Outdoor barns, sheds, garages, etc. tend to get very hot and can damage your flag. Keep the flag inside a protective box. Do not use hard cleaners, such as bleach, to clean your flag. Remember, there is ink printed onto the material, which can be removed with hard cleaners.

7. Are your flags fire resistant?

Ans: The flags are heat resistant but are not designed to resist fire. Do not use any of our flags near an open flame or sparks. They can catch fire!

8. Can your flags be double-sided?

Ans: All of our custom flags and flag banners are available double-sided. We use a 100% block-out in between our flags to prevent any visibility from one side to the other.

9. What are popular sizes for a custom flag?

Ans: It depends on the size of the flag banner. But, 4x6 in rectangle flags are in high demand.

10. Do you provide the complete package for the flag?

Ans: This product consists only of the graphic (flag)—no hardware is included.

11. What different type of flags you offer?

Ans: We provide rectangle flags, political flags, teardrop flags, blade flags, and many more types of flags.