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Custom Table Covers Sarting At $35, Best Brand Display

  • Custom table covers are an essential item to bring elegance and sophistication to your dining ware. They also allow your patrons and clients to promote their restaurant, café, or company with their trademark as the tablecloth logo. These custom-made tablecloths help showcase your company with important information printed onto the covers. Custom table covers grasp customers’ attention with their vivid display of colors, helping your clients’ businesses gain exposure at events. Using our variety of vivid colors and high-quality digital printing, create personalized table cloths that represent your or your patrons’ brand brilliantly at various marketing events. Made with polyester poplin fibers, these covers boast wrinkle-free and breathable material that will also withstand numerous cycles of laundry. These high-quality tablecloth logos can catch anyone’s eye and act as a form of advertisement. These also cut out the need for promotional banners or posters that are hard to transport and install. Custom printed tablecloths will save you the trouble and space while representing your company altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sizes of tables are recommended?

✅The 6ft custom table cover is suitable for a standard table size of 72”x30”x30”, while the 8ft custom table cover fits a standard table size of 96”x30”x30”.


2. Where I can buy tables?

✅You can buy standard 6/8 ft foldable tables easily at any major retailer or hardware stores locally. Some exhibits may provide them for free or for rent.


3. Are your table cover fabric coated?

✅Yes! Our fabric is coated by a laminated outer layer, which is fire retardant, wrinkle, scratch and water resistant.


4. Will Custom table covers slip off my table?

✅No, the design of the custom Table Covers, even the open back style allows for it to remain stationary on a table without having to secure it. Also, the items on the table might add additional weight.


5. How to Design my Custom Table Cover?

✅Designing Custom Table Covers has never been easier! Manufacturers have templates already set up for you to use to create your table throw design. First is to make sure you select the correct table throw size and then choose the fitting. It is important to know that Standard table throws will have more relaxed areas so leave room areas where graphics might be obscured by folds. Fitted and Stretch table covers will have a more solid shape, this allows for more uniform and structured graphic design placement. You can design both in raster and vector, but vector formats will give you better results and a more accurate color match.


6. How much do a branded Table Cover cost?

✅Depending on the size and options the cost will vary. The most popular Custom Table Cover size of 6FT starts at $159.00 for a Standard Open Back fitting.


7. Where to make a table cover with a logo?

✅Scratch, wrinkle and water resistant, ASAP CANOPY specialized in high quality full color custom printed Table Covers. Standard, Fitted or Stretch available.


8. What is the best type of table cover for imprint logo?

✅Depends on the design of your logo, custom fitted table cover and custom stretch table cover are the most popular among our business customers.


9. What are the differences with custom printed table throws and table covers?

✅Although most of the time the two terms are interchangeable, we observe a lot of customers refer to table throws as the standard shape-draped, full back table covers.


10.What are the common materials used for table covers?

Common materials for table covers include Knit,Cotton, Polyester, Linen, Vinyl, Stretch,and Satin. Each material has its own characteristics, such as durability, appearance, and ease of maintenance.