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If I Already Have a Tent, Can I Purchase a Spare Canopy?

So, you already have an ASAP Canopy tent, and it’s been your trusty companion at various events and gatherings. You’ve experienced the convenience, durability, and eye-catching design of your canopy, and it’s become an essential part of your setup. But what if you’re thinking about making a change? Perhaps you’re considering a different look for your canopy, want to update your branding, or simply desire a fresh start without replacing the entire tent. The good news is that with ASAP Canopy, you have options.



Why Consider a Spare Canopy?

Before we dive into the details of getting a spare canopy, let’s explore the reasons why you might want one in the first place:

  1. Rebranding: If you’ve revamped your business’s logo, color scheme, or messaging, it’s essential to reflect those changes in your canopy. A new canopy with updated branding can help you align your visual identity with your current marketing efforts.
  2. Versatility: Having a spare canopy gives you the flexibility to switch between different looks or styles for various events. Whether it’s a corporate function, a trade show, or an outdoor festival, you can tailor your canopy to suit the occasion.
  3. Maintenance: Over time, canopies may experience wear and tear due to exposure to the elements and regular use. Having a spare canopy ensures that you’re prepared for any unexpected damage or aging, keeping your setup looking pristine.

Now that you know why a spare canopy can be a valuable addition to your tent setup, let’s explore how you can go about getting one.



Getting a Spare Canopy for Your ASAP Canopy Tent

At ASAP Canopy, we’ve designed our products with versatility in mind, and that includes the ability to replace your canopy without replacing the entire tent. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Contact Us: Reach out to our team, and we’ll guide you through the process of ordering a spare canopy. We keep records of the tents our customers purchase, ensuring that we provide you with a canopy that perfectly fits your existing frame.
  2. Discuss Your Vision: Share your vision for the new canopy with us. Whether you want to update your branding, change contact information, or explore a completely new design, our team is here to assist you. You can provide us with vector-formatted logo files and any specific design directions you have in mind.
  3. Design Process: We’ll provide you with a quote based on your requirements and initiate the design process. If you prefer to handle the design yourself, we’ll supply you with the necessary template and review your design to ensure it’s print-ready.
  4. Printing and Fabrication: Once we’ve finalized the design and received your approval, your new canopy goes into production. Our expert team handles the printing, cutting, and sewing of the canopy. Typically, the turnaround time is three days or less.



The Cost of a Spare Canopy

The cost of a spare canopy can vary depending on several factors, primarily the size of the canopy and the complexity of the graphics you choose. A 10×10 canopy with simple printing typically starts at around $799. Prices increase for larger canopies and more intricate artwork.

So, whether you’re rebranding, seeking versatility, or ensuring your canopy always looks its best, getting a spare canopy from ASAP Canopy is a convenient and cost-effective solution. It allows you to make changes, stay prepared, and continue enjoying the benefits of your trusted tent frame while giving your setup a fresh and updated appearance.

Ready to explore your options or embark on a canopy refresh journey? Contact our team at ASAP Canopy, and we’ll be thrilled to assist you in bringing your canopy vision to life.


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