ASAP CANOPY is a company that specializes in custom tents, canopies, and promotional event structures.

ASAP Trade Show Display

In the high-stakes arena of trade shows, where brands vie for the attention and allegiance of potential customers, mediocrity is an unforgivable sin. These events have evolved into veritable battlegrounds, where companies must employ strategic and captivating exhibits to elevate their visual merchandising strategies, transcending the ordinary and propelling their marketing campaigns toward unprecedented success. It is within this charged atmosphere that ASAP Canopy emerges, poised to introduce a revolutionary array of hanging displays that promises to redefine the trade show experience.

These innovative trade show hanging displays are not mere static presentations; they are dynamic conversation starters, meticulously designed to captivate audiences and ignite dialogues that resonate long after the event has concluded. With a keen understanding that first impressions are paramount, ASAP Canopy has orchestrated these displays to command attention, ensuring that your brand's logo and messaging soar above the competition, etching an indelible mark in the minds of attendees.

Imagine a trade show floor teeming with exhibitors, each vying for the fleeting attention of passersby. In this cacophony of competing visuals and messaging, your brand's identity takes flight, suspended in mid-air like a beacon guiding attendees toward your exhibit. This strategic positioning not only elevates your brand's visibility but also imbues it with an aura of authority and significance, setting the stage for meaningful interactions that could shape the trajectory of your business ventures.

As attendees navigate the labyrinth of booths and displays, your hanging exhibit becomes an oasis of intrigue, a captivating focal point that beckons them to pause and engage. The mesmerizing interplay of visuals, coupled with the strategic placement of your messaging, ignites curiosity and compels attendees to initiate conversations, unlocking a world of opportunities for your brand ambassadors to forge lasting connections and explore collaborative partnerships.

These hanging displays are not merely functional; they are artistic expressions of your brand's identity, meticulously crafted to evoke emotions and leave an indelible imprint on the psyche of your target audience. Every aspect, from the harmonious color palette to the thoughtful arrangement of elements, is a testament to ASAP Canopy's unwavering commitment to elevating your brand's presence and ensuring that it resonates with attendees on a profound level.

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pop up display,pop up displays


At ASAP, we offer customizable pop-up displays and tension fabric displays. Learn more about our products below. All of our displays are easy to set up and lightweight. This way, you can easily set up your booth without special equipment or tools.


Tension fabric displays are popular among those that prefer to set-up and dismantle with ease.


Energy efficient CREE led backlit option ; Sleek aluminum frame with graphic to graphic option ; Colorful & customizable acrylic countertops.

Sets Up in Minutes, Not Hours!

There is no need to purchase a traditional, bulky display booth. ASAP is designed to utilize the pre-installed pipe and drape framework at the expo event as the supporting structure. Now, you can skip having to arrive hours or even days in advance for setup, saving you valuable time and money! ASAP maximizes your marketing and travel budgets as it can offset its cost through savings on storage, shipping, and labor expenses at your very first show!

pop up trade show displays



Tension fabric displays are popular among those that prefer to set-up and dismantle with ease.

  • Lightweight and transportable
  • Quick setup easy to store
  • Bold graphics and dramatic designs
  • Wrinkle resistant, certified fire retardant fabric



Tension fabric displays are popular among those that prefer to set-up and dismantle with ease.

  • Energy efficient CREE led backlit option
  • Sleek aluminum frame with graphic to graphic option
  • Colorful & customizable acrylic countertops
  • Lightweight – Weighs less than 5 pounds!
pop up banner display
trade show pop up display


Get More Attention in Booth Space

Be the showstopper wherever your brand displays! We deeply understand the value of key factors, i.e., effective messaging, lighting, and technology integration, influencing your potential leads in a trade show. Whether the target is a customer or investor, we know how to compile the smartest ideas in the display for trade shows together.

These physical embodiments of a brand’s identity add great value in an expo setting. Done right, they attract foot traffic, spark conversations, and forge relationships, acting as a magnetic centerpiece that converts casual onlookers into potential clients.

Ergonomically Designed

Easy Installation & Travel

No frame – Bungees right over booth drapes, Set up the banner in minutes with included bungee kit, Wrinkle resistant, certified fire retardant fabric

Imagine – No more storage, shipping, drayage or lumper charges, No Storage + No Shipping = No Lost Display Banner;

Never missing – Packs in your backpack or carry on, Free tote with each Backdrops;

Highly portable - Fits in your carry-on bag... no problems! Weighs less than 5 pounds!

pop up display stands

Custom Printing

Custom Printing

Print Position

Printing technology

Sublimation Printing

display pop up stand

Sublimation printing, also referred to as dye sublimation printing, utilizes a digital printer to create prints on sublimation transfer paper. This paper is then inserted into a heat press alongside the designated fabric and subjected to a temperature of 392 degrees Fahrenheit. Through this process, the artwork from the paper is seamlessly transferred onto the fabric.

Crafted from 600D PU Coated Polyester, Fabric Weight 245GSM, Edges Sewn with Fabric Binding, Matte Print Finish.

LED-UV Printing

pop up tradeshow displays

Utilizing UV printing technology, LED-UV printing employs ultraviolet lights to rapidly dry or cure ink during the printing process. As the printer deposits ink onto the fabric's surface, specialized UV lights trail closely behind, instantly curing or drying the ink.

Crafted from 900D PU Coated Polyester, Featuring UV light printing, Edges Sewn with Fabric Binding, Protected by a Clear Sealant, Semi-Gloss Print Finish.

Digital Printing

pop up trade show display booth

In large format digital printing, images are directly printed onto PVC tent material from digital files. After the printing process, a hot lacquer is applied to the printed surface to seal it and prevent scratches.

Constructed from 580gsm PVC material, Utilizing large format digital printing technology, Seams welded using heat, Application of hot lacquer for added protection, Glossy print finish.

Compare Fabrics

600D PU Coated Polyester

500D PVC Coated

trade show pop up displays

500D PVC Coated Polyester

Available for Plain products


100% Polyester with PVC backing

Yarn count:500D x 500D

Weight: 280 gsm

Colourfastness to light 5-6 En


1 year warranty


Fire, UV & Wind resistant

PVC reinforced Corners


Most products from the same industry are made of 500D ordinary fabrics, which are not durable!


custom trade show displays


Available for Plain and Custom Printed products

Not suitable for ASAP series canopy tent.


100% PVC

Weight: 580 gsm

Colourfastness to light: 5-6 En standard


1 year warranty printed

1 year warranty plain


Fire, UV & Wind resistant

Hot lacquer welded seams

"580 GSM" refers to the weight of the fabric, measured in grams per square meter (GSM). It indicates the density and thickness of the fabric. In this case, the fabric weighs 580 grams per square meter.

"PVC Coated" indicates that the fabric has been coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), providing properties such as water resistance, durability, and UV protection. PVC coating makes the fabric waterproof and suitable for outdoor applications.

Customized products, please consult customer service for prices

trade show display tables


These people are the best! Such a quality product, so efficient! reasonable price. I recommend ASAP Canopy to everyone!
I have owned a number of tents before and this one is by far the best. It is very sturdy, easy to put up with two people , and the sturdy high peak allowed the rain to flow right off. We had our party on a beautiful day and I left it up all week. During the week it rained and we had fairly high winds and the tent came out fine with the weight bags holding it down. Truly excellent and can’t wait to use it again and again.
The design and printing effect of the ASAP sun visor fit perfectly with our brand image, allowing us to establish a professional and high-end image at the exhibition, whether it is an indoor or outdoor exhibition, this sun visor performed well and ensured the visibility of our brand sex!
No one lives up to their name quite like ASAP Canopy. It couldn't be easier to specify the products you want, get an instant quote, order and upload your design. Dazzlingly easy. Best of all, the quality of the finished product is amazing!
Since we purchased the ASAP inflatable tent, the brand awareness has been greatly improved. This is a very smart investment. Loading and unloading the tent was very easy and these tasks were done quickly, saving time and effort, I am very happy with it!
To be honest - I didn't expect such high quality. I was very pleasantly surprised. Our library needs a temporary sign until we can get a real sign on our building (we currently only have a small hanging sign that says "LIBRARY" so no one knows where we are!!) . I'm so happy with this sign and I think we'll keep it throughout the summer/spring/fall! The pictures I submitted when ordering were surprisingly clear (the seller sent an email to confirm the pictures, which was very nice), the fabric is thick, and the pole is surprisingly sturdy. It has weathered several summer storms with winds of at least 30 mph and it is still standing! I highly recommend this product if you need a high quality custom outdoor sign/flag.
Our booth stood out at the event because of ASAP Canopy's superior printing, which allowed us to stand out in a competitive environment. Bring us more visitors and potential customers, enhance our brand visibility!
The team at ASAP Canopy provided excellent customer service, the best prices I could find, and extremely fast shipping. I wish there were more online companies operating at this level. Thanks for making me look like a marketing hero ASAP Canopy!
It's also good for outdoor work, I do sales and promotional activities outdoors, the modern design of the tent matches my brand image very well, making my presentation more attractive, this tent provides me with an ideal display platform , customers also appreciate its appearance and function!

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Key Elements of Effective Trade Show Booths and Displays

In order to ensure the success of your marketing campaign, we smartly integrate the time-tested as well as newly innovated elements. Your display for trade show must deliver the message crystal clear while keeping the theme engaging. That’s why your awareness regarding effective key elements is necessary. Let’s get familiar:  

Strategic Location 

Ensure your booth is located in a high-traffic area to get maximum exposure. Corner booths and those near entrances, food areas, or bathrooms tend to get more foot traffic.

Clear Messaging 

Your booth for trade show should convey your brand's core message and value proposition at first glance. Use clear, concise, and compelling language.

Bold and Professional Design

The booth for trade show design needs to be visually compelling to stand out among the crowd. Utilize your brand colors, logo, and imagery that aligns with your company's style and audience expectations.

High-quality Graphics

Invest in high-resolution graphics and professional signage to display your brand and message. A clean, polished look suggests professionalism and quality.

Promotional Items

Branded giveaways can serve as a physical reminder of your bra nd long after the show ends. Choose useful items that align with your brand and audience interests.

Informational Material

Provide brochures, catalogs, or digital information resources that attendees can take away. These materials should provide deeper insights into your products, services, and company values.

Well-trained Staff

Your booth staff should be knowledgeable, approachable, and enthusiastic. They are the primary contact between your brand and potential clients at the trade show, so it's important they leave a positive impression.

Lead Capture Strategies

Have a strategy for collecting leads through business card collection, digital sign-ups, or a lead capture device. Be sure to follow up on these leads promptly after the event.

Consistent Branding

Every element of your booth for trade shows, from the display for trade shows to staff uniforms, should reflect your brand identity. Consistent branding increases recognition and trust, helping your business to stand out in a sea of competitors

Types of Trade Show Booths and Displays For Sale 

Trade Show Exhibit Booths 

Popup Exhibits - Sizes (10X10 and 10X20)

Tension Fabric Exhibits  - Sizes (10X10, 10X20, 10X30, 20X20 and up)

Modular Exhibits 


Hanging Displays  

Portable Display Products

Ranging from tension fabric trade show displays to pop-up tradeshow displays, we can craft tailored marketing solutions to give your business a distinctive and attractive identity. If your expectations exceed the prebuilt sizes, just tell us exactly what you need. ASAP Canopy allows you to create custom trade show displays and booths by specifying a dimension of your choice, trade show type, and other special instructions. 

Designing Custom Trade Show Booths and Displays

Many companies market their products and services at conferences, where they set up a booth and display their products or services to passersby. In order to catch the attention of those visiting your booth, you need to have pop-up displays that are eye-catching and attractive.

Read on to learn more about our tension fabric displays, as well as our other products, including booths, lightboxes, hanging displays, and more.

Our exhibit display products are uniquely designed in-house, exclusively for our customers. When you purchase our exhibit systems, you get direct prices without the cost of a middleman.

We design our booths, we build our booths, and we ship them directly to you FAST and FOR LESS than the competition. In fact, we are a third-party source for other exhibit houses to buy our products and resell them to you for a profit. Shop or customize direct for B2B wholesale prices. 

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