Behind the Scenes: Crafting ASAP Canopy’s Custom Canopy Tents

Ever wondered what goes into the creation of our custom canopy tents? At ASAP Canopy, we take pride in crafting every aspect of our tents under one roof in Michigan. Join us for a quick tour behind the scenes to see how we bring our pop-up tent canopies to life. Spoiler alert: we’re all about premium quality and attention to detail.

Seams & Stitching

The journey begins with giant sheets of tent canopy material fresh from the printer. These sheets are then meticulously cut out by a laser—yes, you read that right!

Here’s the magic that happens next:

  • Handcrafted Seams: Every seam is meticulously hand-sewn and double-stitched. This means two rows of stitching positioned approximately 0.5 inches apart for unparalleled seam strength and durability. While larger stitches may be quicker, we opt for tiny stitches to enhance water resistance. After all, keeping water out is a top priority for a tent, isn’t it?
  • Peak to Peak Seams: Seams that connect peak to peak are sewn on the exterior with binding to shield against any potential water intrusion. On the other hand, seams connecting peak to valance are sewn on the interior to eliminate the risk of water pooling on top and seeping through.

Vinyl Reinforcements

Once the peak and valance pieces are expertly sewn together, it’s time to introduce reinforcements that truly fortify the canopy.

  • Corner Protection: All four corners receive sturdy vinyl reinforcements to ensure there’s no direct contact between the frame and the canopy. This helps prevent friction or rubbing.
  • Velcro Strips: In addition to vinyl reinforcements, we incorporate heavy-duty strips of white Velcro that wrap around each tent leg. This prevents shifting and movement, ensuring stability.
  • Peak Poles: Vinyl reinforcements are also strategically placed on the peak of both tent models to prevent direct contact between the peak poles and the canopy material.
  • Valance Tensioning Straps: A unique feature to TentCraft, valance tensioning straps are sewn to the center of every valance. Reinforced vinyl is used between the canopy and the strap, allowing our clients to adjust the canopy’s tension based on varying weather conditions.

The Extra Touches

We don’t stop at the essentials. We add extra touches to enhance functionality and aesthetics:

  • Velcro Perimeter Strip: A heavy-duty strip of Velcro, double-stitched to the interior perimeter of every valance, allows for easy attachment of tent walls via Velcro. This ensures the tent walls lie flat, wrinkle-free, and professional-looking. Plus, it keeps wind and rain at bay.

And there you have it—a glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship behind our custom pop-up canopies. Crafting each 10×10 canopy takes approximately one hour from start to finish. Once fitted onto the frame, your canopy is ready to embark on its journey to its forever home!


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