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Coody inflatable tent VS ASAP inflatable tent

Redefining portable shelter: Coody inflatable tent VS ASAP inflatable tent

Coody inflatable tent makes Camping made simple

Camping made simple.
The Sky is your roof.
No Limitations. You can go/camp anywhere.
Camp becomes wherever our rig can take us!
Home is where you park.
Your home away from home mounted to your car.

Coody inflatable tent

Over the past few years, inflatable structures have fundamentally transformed outdoor event settings, exhibition booths, and even emergency shelters, with their ease of transportation, instant setup capabilities, and stable performance unmatched by other temporary shelters. Coody Tent is at the forefront of inflatable tent innovation, using over a decade of research and engineering investment to build durable, adaptable and eye-catching inflatable tents that fit the needs of nearly any industry.

Coody Inflatable Tent Features Coody’s heavy-duty commercial-grade inflatable tent is constructed from extra-thick 0.8mm vinyl canvas for superior tear and abrasion resistance, as well as excellent temperature resistance from 22°F to 158°F. The Coody inflatable tent has a strong construction and can withstand wind speeds up to 45 mph when properly anchored to the ground, maintaining tremendous shelter stability even in inclement weather.

Despite its sturdy construction, the Coody inflatable tent weighs only about 80 percent of comparable metal-frame tents, weighing in at 26 pounds for a 10-by-10-foot unit. The lightweight design allows for faster shipping and installation compared to traditional counterparts. The integrated electric fan quickly inflates the unit in just 8 minutes, while the high-capacity air pump provides full inflation in just 90 seconds. Deflates and packs equally quickly, shrinking into a compact tote.

Customizable Coody tent designs allow businesses to insert side windows, doors, custom printing, LED rope lights and other modifications to create the ideal inflatable tent for specific functional or branding needs.

Key Applications of Coody Inflatable Tent The unique combination of weather resistance, efficient portability and eye-catching good looks make Coody Inflatable Tent the best choice for camping enthusiasts.

ASAP inflatable tent is professionally customized for Commercial & Promotional & Event & Party & More Scene


inflatable rave tent


The wide printable surface and quick installation transform the ASAP inflatable tent into an imposing, stylish event centerpiece that fills the venue with your brand. Vivid signs and graphics are eye-catching from every angle, capturing the attention of visitors from a distance. The interior provides generous public areas for guests to stay shaded from the sun and rain while interacting with the products or enjoying food and beverages.

Exhibitions and trade shows

ASAP tents provide exhibitors with increased functionality and visibility in bustling conference venues. Inflatable booths pop up from the uniform lines of standard exhibits, attracting attendees to your space. Inside, ample vertical space accommodates multiple tiers of monitors, while power outlets and lighting fixtures enable spotlight presentations. Exterior custom graphics ensure consistent brand exposure throughout the day.

Sports events and competition venues

Create immediately visible ASAP inflatable checkpoints, aid stations, podiums and shelters for sporting event attendees and participants. Vibrant sponsor logos will sparkle in the shot as you set up your custom finish line tent or victory stage. Durable construction accommodates excited crowds, while weatherproof housing protects staff and timing systems.

For concerts and festivals

Quickly assemble ASAP inflatable tents replace messy assembled tents to create unique lounges, VIP areas and guest hospitality spaces. Built-in lighting illuminates the interior with programmable color-changing patterns to set the mood. The spacious interior offers communal guest seating and entertainment areas, making it an upscale holiday sanctuary choice.

Theme and amusement parks

A colorful ASAP inflatable snack bar, souvenir shop, photo booth, children’s playground dome and daily removable interactive play fields complement the theme park’s vibrant aesthetic. The looming inflatable structure attracts families with its playful form and encourages exploration, while reliable weather protection allows for comfortable indoor activities.

Resort and hotel industry utilization

ASAP inflatable event tents, pool cabanas and lobby extensions upgrade outdoor hotel spaces. The soaring rooftop bar dome becomes an instantly recognizable social attraction with its 360° graphic surround. The luxury hotel suite increases the living area with an adjoining plenum room extension, and clear PVC windows provide an adaptable floor plan and abundant natural light.

Flexible construction site

Rugged temporary ASAP inflatable tents provide flexible on-site offices, equipment storage and weatherproof worker rest areas that can be moved as job site needs change without impacting progress. Independent power systems even allow for off-grid deployment. Rapid Setup accommodates construction companies’ fast-paced schedules by rapidly deploying shelters.


Customization and Branding Possibilities What really elevates the ASAP inflatable tent above the typical alternatives is a range of modifications and branding features to suit almost any operational need:

Vibrant Custom Graphics – Transform your shelter into a massive brand billboard with exterior and interior surfaces covered in clear logos, patterns and images to make your space memorable.

Configurable Windows and Doors – Insert clear vinyl window panels and roll-up doors for indoor/outdoor flow, or switch to privacy screens when needed. Add a vestibule to transition between environments.

Climate Control Units – Combine industrial exhaust fans, wall-mounted air conditioning units and infrared patio heaters, tailored to your climate conditions and number of guests.

Flooring and Furniture – Use custom interlocking plastic tiles or raised wood platforms to outline the floor plan. Includes banquet seating, media booths and decorative lighting fixtures.

Power Setup – Plug hard-wired wires into the inflatable enclosure to accommodate internal outlets, switches and overhead spotlights, supplemented by an off-grid solar + battery pack.

Storage and Transport Cart – Sturdy rolling cart with adjustable straps to neatly hold, move and transport deflated tents. Some cart models can even hold a fully inflated tent intact for immediate movement.
Safety and precautions



When placing and operating your ASAP inflatable tent, please follow the following guidance protocols:

Range Site – Tent may be pitched on a flat surface only, free of ground debris, puddles and overhead obstructions. Pay attention to underground pipes or wires before setting out.

Emergency Vent Flaps – Utilize valve-covered vents to avoid pressure build-up during sudden wind bursts. If necessary, plan nearby evacuation routes. Designated staff to monitor guests and weather changes.

Stabilizing Elements – Drive anchor piles fully into the ground at least 12 inches. Install ratchet straps and sandbag anchors to increase the tenant’s own wind resistance during storm conditions.

Occupancy Load – Adhere to the maximum guest capacity listed on the unit tag to prevent structural instability and unsafe conditions.

Power Supply Precautions – Avoid overloading the plug input. Use GFCI outlet covers and prevent heat-generating lighting fixtures from contacting the tent membrane. Use only grounded extension cords.

Avoid flames – Never light an open flame inside an inflatable tent or within close proximity of an external fire or grill. Follow all no-smoking protocols.

By responsibly following all set-up and operating guidelines, ASAP inflatable tents provide a versatile, visually striking shelter that can be adapted to virtually any commercial, hospitality, event production, promotional program or architectural need imaginable custom made.

Summary: Cudi Inflatable Tent VS ASAP Inflatable Tent

The Coody inflatable tent is suitable for camping, and the ASAP inflatable tent is suitable for commercial activities. In terms of materials, ASAP uses commercial-grade materials, which perform better in commercial environments. It can also be customized with LOGO, FREE MOCK UP, and FREE SHIPPING. ASAP has more advantages than coody in terms of commercial applications, so ASAP wins.

With ultra-durable construction, rich custom brand equity, and worry-free logistics, ASAP inflatable tents may be the best choice for many promotional programs, trade show booths, and in-store displays looking for an eye-catching temporary enclosure to highlight their brand .


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