A Guide to Custom Canopy Tents and Accessories

Enjoying the shade of our 10x10 pop-up canopy with built-in sun protection at a summer event.

Introduction: Are you ready to make a statement at your next outdoor event? Dive into the world of customizable canopy tents, where versatility meets functionality. Whether you’re hosting a grand celebration, a small gathering, or a medical camp, discover the perfect shelter tailored to your needs. Let’s explore the myriad of options available, designed to captivate attention and elevate your outdoor experience.


1. Discover Your Perfect Size:

  • Compact Canopies for Intimate Gatherings: Small yet impactful, compact canopies (5x5ft, 6x6ft, 8x8ft) are your go-to for limited spaces and cozy events. Make every inch count with these charming shelters.
  • Versatile Standard Sizes for Every Occasion: Strike the right balance with standard-sized canopies (10x10ft, 10x15ft). Ideal for trade shows and festivals, these tents offer ample space for interaction and display.
  • Large Canopies for a Grand Presence: Make a grand statement with large canopies (20x20ft, 10x20ft). Offering extensive shelter and branding space, these tents ensure your event is unforgettable.

2. Material Mastery: Crafted for Excellence:

  • Polyester: Lightweight yet durable, polyester canopies are water-resistant and easy to handle, making them suitable for a variety of weather conditions. The material’s smooth texture is ideal for showcasing vibrant prints and logos.
  • Vinyl: If you’re seeking a robust and resilient shelter, vinyl is the answer. Waterproof, UV-resistant, and capable of withstanding the elements, a vinyl canopy is an investment in longevity and endurance.
  • Oxford Cloth: Known for its thickness and durability, Oxford cloth is a premium choice for those looking to combine luxury with functionality. Its texture is perfect for high-quality printing, allowing your branding to shine.

3. Frame the Experience: Stability Meets Style:

  • Aluminum: For those who prioritize ease of transportation, the lightweight and rust-resistant aluminum frame is a dream come true. Despite its weight, it offers commendable durability and stability.
  • Steel: The epitome of sturdiness, a steel frame provides unparalleled support and rigidity. It’s the ideal choice for those setting up in challenging conditions, where the canopy needs to stand firm.
  • Hex Profile: Combining aesthetics with strength, hex profile frames are a modern and stylish option. They offer enhanced stability, ensuring your canopy remains steadfast and secure.

5. Wall Options: Define Your Space:

  • Full Walls: Offering additional shelter and a vast canvas for branding, full walls turn your canopy into an enclosed haven. They provide privacy, protection, and plenty of space for promotional content.
  • Half Walls: Blend openness with enclosure with stylish half walls. They allow for interaction while defining your space and showcasing your brand.
  • Mesh Windows: Enjoy the breeze while staying sheltered with mesh windows. They offer ventilation, light, and a touch of sophistication to your setup.
  • Clear PVC Windows: Want to keep an eye on the surroundings while staying protected? Clear PVC windows offer visibility, light, and shelter, adding a functional yet elegant touch to your canopy.
  • Doors: Control access to your space with zippered or roll-up doors. They add an element of security and convenience, making your canopy versatile and adaptable.

6. Accessorize Your Canopy: Functionality & Glamour:

  • LED Lights: Illuminate your space and keep the spotlight on your brand with LED lights. They add a touch of glamour and ensure your canopy shines, even when the sun sets.
  • Side Rails: Hang your walls or panels perfectly straight with aluminum side rails. They add a sleek finish to your setup and enhance the overall aesthetic.
  • Rain Gutters: Don’t let the rain dampen your spirits. With rain gutters, prevent water from dripping between connected tents and keep your space dry and welcoming.
  • Weights & Sandbags: Ensure your canopy stands firm in windy conditions with weights and sandbags. They are essential for stability, especially in bustling locations or uneven terrains.
  • Carrying Bags: Transport and store your canopy with ease using carrying bags. Equipped with rollers and handles, they make moving your canopy a breeze.
  • Flag&Banners:Feather Banners or Feather Flag Banners are the most simple and effective way to attract attention indoors and outdoors for businesses, events, and trade shows. They are made up of a flag stand and a custom flag with a pole pocket. They are durable, UV safe, and easy to install. They are also known as feather flags, sale banners, high wind flags, or flutter flags. You can expect the highest quality at a very affordable price in a range of sizes.

7. Specialized Tents: Tailored to Your Needs:

  • Medical Shelter Tents: Designed for medical, emergency, or testing needs, these specialized tents offer privacy, visibility, and a controlled environment. They are adaptable and can be configured to form patient isolation wards or medical surge tent solutions.
  • Café Barrier Displays: Control crowds and promote your brand simultaneously with custom café barrier displays. They are functional, stylish, and offer additional branding opportunities.

8. Additional Features: Customize with Confidence:

  • Adjustable Height: Tailor the height of your canopy to suit your preferences and needs. Whether you want an intimate shelter or a towering presence, the choice is yours.
  • Quick Lock & Release System: Time is of the essence, and with the quick lock and release system, setting up and taking down your canopy is a swift and hassle-free process.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Invest with confidence, knowing that your canopy comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s not just a purchase; it’s a lifelong partnership.


Embark on a journey of endless possibilities with our customizable canopy tents. With a plethora of options at your fingertips, create a shelter that is uniquely yours. Whether it’s a compact haven, a branded masterpiece, or a specialized medical shelter, your perfect canopy awaits. Let your imagination run wild and watch as your vision comes to life, drawing attention and leaving a lasting impression. It’s time to step into the spotlight and let your canopy do the talking.


ASAP CANOPY is a professional outdoor advertising printing manufacturer specifically designed for trade exhibition exhibitors. Our main products include: Canopy tent, Advertising tent, Custom printed flags and banners, Table covers, Trade show displays, Inflammable Arches; We support customized design, and all of our designers are American locals. They not only design for free, but also understand the design needs of American merchants. Our entire inventory is located in Fountain Valley, CA, and it only takes 3 days from order to delivery. We opened in 2013 and have since served thousands of businesses. Our hope is to continue our development through innovation and introducing exciting new products to diverse customers. Our goal is to leave a deep impression on our customers with our products, and we will strive to provide the best products and services in the coming years.

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