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How to Install Star Tents?

Step-by-step installation guide for a star shade tent.


  • Exercise caution when folding and unfolding the star bell tent frame.
  • Before setting up the tent, carefully read the installation instructions.
  • Regularly inspect the condition of the ropes and all screw connections of the base and the crown. Replace any loose screw connections with new washers and self-locking nuts.
  • Ensure you have an appropriate number of people for mounting and dismounting the star shade tents: one-person tent – 2 persons, two-person tent – 2 persons, three-person tent – 3 persons.
  • Clean the structure thoroughly before disassembling it. The producer is not liable for damage resulting from multiple assemblies/disassembly of a dirty structure.
  • Clean and dry the fabric (roof and sidewalls) before packing it into transport bags. The producer is not responsible for stains caused by storing wet or dirty fabric.
  • Systematically check the anchoring in case of recurring gusts of wind.
  • Use a suitable instrument (not included in the standard tent equipment) to remove the pins and anchors.

Safety Guidelines:

  • Star shade tents should not be used during strong winds, blizzards, hail, storms, etc.
  • Never leave the tent unattended.
  • The tents are not designed for use under heavy snow loads. Remove accumulated snow from the roof if it reaches a depth of 2 cm or more.
  • Promptly remove any water pooling on the roof.
  • Polyester fabrics marked with the OG/FR symbol are fire-resistant and comply with the PN-EN 13501-1 norm.
  • Tents in sizes Mini 1, Mini 2, Mini 3, Base 1, Base 2, Base 2 Stage, Base 3 may be used in winds up to 28 m/s (100 km/h) if protected against wind gusts. During stronger winds, it is recommended to disassemble the tent, starting with removing the walls and then folding the roof. Mechanical damage resulting from failure to follow these recommendations is not covered by the warranty.


  • Remove all items from underneath the cheap star event tent.
  • Release the ratchet (see fig. 2, point 12) to the “unlock” position, ensuring you hold the winch with your other hand.



PLEASE NOTE: If you release the winch without holding it, there is a risk of being hit. Slowly roll the winch to lower the roof to three-quarters of its height. Slide the ratchet of the mechanism to the “lock” position.

    • Detach and fold the walls; place them into the bag.
    • Lower the roof completely.
    • Remove the pins securing the arms of the tent to the anchors.
    • Take the pole(s) out of the base and remove the string from the base of the mechanism.
    • Lower the roof to the ground and fold the pole(s).
    • Remove the pins from the base and the anchors from the ground, and clear any debris from them.
    • Place all items into their appropriate bags.

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