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Curious about custom pop-up canopies? We’ve got answers to your burning questions.




Why is an Aluminum Frame More Expensive Than a Steel Frame? The cost difference between aluminum and steel frames is explained in detail in our separate resource. Check it out to understand the factors that contribute to this price variation.




What Comes with Standard Pop-Up Tent Packages? A standard pop-up tent package typically includes the frame, custom-printed canopy, transport bag, and stake kit. Our packages come with extra features like an integrated dolly system for easy transport and a peak flag, providing more printed real estate.




What if Something Unexpected Happens? Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Be prepared to handle unexpected events, from shipping damage to filing warranty claims. We provide action steps and guidance for when the unexpected occurs.




What Type of Printing is Used on the Canopy and Walls? UV and dye-sublimation printing methods are the most common for canopies and walls. Both deliver clear, long-lasting images. For printing custom graphics on vinyl, latex printing is the preferred method. Avoid companies using thermal press printing, which can chip and peel with frequent use.




Who Uses Custom Pop-Up Tents? Customized pop-up tents are versatile and cater to various industries. They shine at outdoor festivals, trade shows, and provide outdoor dining solutions for restaurants and food service brands. High schools and youth sports organizations rely on them for athlete shelter, while agencies use portable tents for mobile tours and product launches. Non-profit brands often employ pop-up event tents for community outreach and awareness efforts. With their lightweight, customizable, and size options, pop-up tents suit a wide range of needs.




How Much Does a Custom Printed Pop-Up Tent Cost? Investing in a representation of your brand demands quality. While steel frame pop-up models are cheaper, they’re not designed for enduring outdoor elements. They may bend or sag, affecting your professional image. Professional pop-up tent models employ anodized aluminum for its strength-to-weight ratio. Medium-duty 10×10 models with custom-printed tops range from $899 to $1,899, while heavy-duty frames typically fall within the $2,000 to $3,000 range.




Differences Between Pop-Up Canopy Tents and Inflatable Tents Apart from the obvious absence of a metal frame, inflatable tents often have a unique and attention-grabbing appearance. They’re also significantly lighter, weighing about half as much as their aluminum-framed counterparts. Many inflatable tent models can be compactly packed for easy transportation.




What Type of Frame Lasts the Longest? For the longest-lasting pop-up canopy tents, go for models with an all-aluminum frame. These feature anodized aluminum telescopic legs, scissor elements, and connecting joints. Terms like “heavy-duty” and “commercial-grade” are associated with full aluminum easy-up canopies. Pop-up tents with steel frames or plastic joints and connecting elements won’t last as long as aluminum models.




What’s the Average Turnaround Time for Custom Printed Canopies? Typically, you can expect to receive a custom printed pop-up canopy tent within 3-5 business days, depending on the level of customization. Some companies even offer same-day shipping for urgent needs. Turnaround time encompasses both production and transit time, so ensure your logo and graphics are in the proper format and provide timely approvals to impact delivery.


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